I help high-achieving women get financial clarity, so they can live well today while building wealth sustainably for the future. 

Imagine gaining financial confidence and feeling a profound sense of relief. That’s what my clients experience, and it’s what I want for you. I know how hard it can be when you’re busy but I’m great at getting to the crux of what is needed and offer a safe, non-judgmental space. 

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We all have a relationship with money, whether we earn a lot, spend a lot, don’t charge enough or give away our time for free. All too often I see high achieving women held back by narratives that are engrained from childhood

As a Chartered Wealth Manager and Financial Coach I can answer any questions you have and help you understand your relationship with money. There is no better time to start than to just get going now.

“Philly is one of these rare people who is able to listen and communicate with ease, applying her knowledge to a personal set of circumstances and taking into consideration your level of understanding of financial jargon. Thank you, Philly, for giving me a couple of light bulb moments and the confidence to do something about it.”

Celine, lawyer
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Hi, I’m Philly Ponniah

I’m a London-based financial coach, passionate about helping women improve their relationship with money

With over 13 years in the wealth management industry I can help with the practical side of money along with the behavioural, helping you work out what is important to you and how to achieve that

I am committed to equity, diversity and inclusion across race, gender, sexual orientation, ability, age and religion



I love it when people feel ‘sorted’ around money and find that through individual coaching I can support you on this journey

group programmes

Gain clarity around your finances through weekly sessions implementing practical actions and doing some self-reflection alongside like-minded women. Register to be part of the next cohort in September 2024

SELF- Paced courses

As a Chartered Wealth Manager with 12 years in Investment Management I have an Introduction to Investing Masterclass that you can watch at your own pace accompanied by a workbook to help you work out how you’re going to start on your investing journey

My 3 month planner to improve financial well-being is now available

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what it's like working with me

“I love working with Philly! I have struggled for years as a solo entrepreneur. She was able to identify my blocks with undercharging and overworking. Philly listened, understood and helped me get to the root of my money issues…something no one else has managed!! The best thing is, it has allowed me to grow my business so I can help more people. I would recommend working with Philly to anyone and I am so grateful for her! She is an absolute gem and utterly turned my life around!”

Izzy, nutritionist

Philly is compassionate, warm, professional and thorough. She is a great listener, doesn’t judge and helps you think of solutions which work best for you as an individual. Would recommend her to anyone looking to boost their financial confidence.

Eline, ESG Finance

“Philly’s gentle nudges got me thinking differently about the value of what I offer my clients and what might be possible for me financially in the next year or two. The practical suggestions she made for actions I could take right now left me feeling much more confident and actually excited to grab the bull by the horns and get things sorted”

Rachel, artist

“I’m so glad I found Philly. I’ve gone from spending my money on things I don’t need – or even really want – to spending and planning my time in a way that lines up with what I value. It feels life changing

L, Solicitor


“Philly really takes the time to understand not only your goals but also what habits influence how we make financial decisions today. She is extremely open and creates a safe space to explore various opportunities together with you. She’s really helped me learn more about how to maintain my financial well-being!”

Noreen, Consultant

I keep thinking about why I have stuck to the safe options every time. Thank you so much for helping me realise this. I’m already approaching things differently and feel a shift “

Emma, financial professional

“Philly was very helpful in clarifying my thinking and giving me tools to help deal with anxiety about my financial position. It made me feel much calmer and in control“.


“Philly is warm, pragmatic and incredibly empathetic. I know that I can rely on her to quickly understand my situation and provide sound guidance”

Jake, Director of Corporate Affairs



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