Financial labels: why your thoughts impact your money

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When I tell people I’m a financial coach I hear “oh I’m terrible with money,” or “I’m pretty good but a sucker for sales”. These casual remarks may seem harmless, but they can impact our behaviour without us even realising it. Here are some steps to see what label you might be putting on yourself around […]

Do you worry you’ll be seen as greedy?

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I had two conversations last week, one person navigating a new job and new level of pay, and another wanting to charge more for her services. Both women said they ‘didn’t want to be seen as greedy’. They also said they didn’t want to be ‘ungrateful’ either for what they’ve been offered. As a certified […]

What is the key to a wealthy life?

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Working out your values and seeing whether they align with your spending and wealth building can have a greater impact on more than just your money.