Start January with a smile, save for Christmas now

We’re 3 months away from Christmas – how does that make you feel? For many, Christmas can be a time where there are all the extras and so without a plan we can end up overspending. As a certified financial coach I love helping people feeling clear about their finances and this often includes some […]

Turn “I Can’t Afford That” on its head

How many times have you heard or even said the phrase “I can’t afford that”? In some cases, this statement is a genuine reflection of our financial reality, but sometimes, it’s more about our priorities and how we choose to allocate our money. When we take a closer look at our spending habits and re-evaluate […]

Is a subconscious spending barrier stopping you enjoying life?

Exploring the psychology behind your “scary number” and learning how to take control of your spending habits I had an interesting conversation at the weekend with someone who was having a complete block over spending £1,000 on something which would improve her flat. When we delved into it she had no qualms about spending £100 […]