Love and money: why having money dates matters

While chocolates and flowers are lovely, there may be a greater need for a money date this Valentine’s Day. I’m coaching more and more individuals who have issues with their partner, whether it be mismatched spending, resentment over who pays for childcare, keeping money separately or just different attitudes to what matters. I’ve written this […]

Maximizing Your Wealth: Should You Overpay Your Mortgage or Save or invest?

Deciding between earning interest on savings and overpaying your mortgage is a question I’ve been getting a lot recently. To make an informed decision, it’s essential to consider several key factors, including tax implications, interest rates, mortgage terms, financial goals, and more. As with all things money it will be personal, some prefer to take […]

Start January with a smile, save for Christmas now

We’re 3 months away from Christmas – how does that make you feel? For many, Christmas can be a time where there are all the extras and so without a plan we can end up overspending. As a certified financial coach I love helping people feeling clear about their finances and this often includes some […]

Turn “I Can’t Afford That” on its head

How many times have you heard or even said the phrase “I can’t afford that”? In some cases, this statement is a genuine reflection of our financial reality, but sometimes, it’s more about our priorities and how we choose to allocate our money. When we take a closer look at our spending habits and re-evaluate […]

Is a subconscious spending barrier stopping you enjoying life?

Exploring the psychology behind your “scary number” and learning how to take control of your spending habits I had an interesting conversation at the weekend with someone who was having a complete block over spending £1,000 on something which would improve her flat. When we delved into it she had no qualms about spending £100 […]