I had two conversations last week, one person navigating a new job and new level of pay, and another wanting to charge more for her services. Both women said they ‘didn’t want to be seen as greedy’. They also said they didn’t want to be ‘ungrateful’ either for what they’ve been offered. As a certified financial coach I see and hear this all too often. It is understandable as we have been conditioned not to ask for too much. Do you worry you’ll be seen as greedy?

In this instance I always say what is the worst that can happen? If you ask for a payrise, they can say no. If you put your prices up, you can test and see the impact. I spoke to one lady who doubled her prices and has not lost any clients as she delivers such value, in fact she had a lot of comments saying, we thought you should have raised your prices ages ago.  

Look at all the value that you bring

If you are in this situation, and you catch yourself using the word greedy, acknowledge it. Say ‘this phrase no longer serves me’. Write down all the value you are bringing to the job or service you provide. List out all your qualifications and note down how much time you have spent honing your craft. Take all of this into consideration and use it as evidence to your brain that you are not greedy for wanting to be paid accordingly. You can charge a higher amount or demand a certain level of pay. It takes practice to ask for more money but it is worth doing.

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