What is the key to a wealthy life? The answer: it’s not all about money. We need to look at what we value as a starting point. We all have different values that shape our lives and guide our decisions. However, many of us may not have taken the time to sit down and really think about what our values are, and how they align with our spending, saving or investing habits.

As a financial coach, I often encourage my clients to explore their values as part of our work together. Many realise that there are areas of their life that don’t match up to their values, and they make changes as a result. These changes can be big or small, but they all contribute to building a life that feels richer and more fulfilling.

Some have realised that they value looking after their mental health or well-being, but they were not scheduling any time for themselves each week. As a result, they have made changes to their schedule to add in a dance class or a relaxing activity, to make sure they were taking care of themselves. One client realised she didn’t want to wait until retirement to do things she enjoyed. So she made the decision to go to a 4-day workweek, so that she can have more time for things she wants to do.

Building a wealthy life isn’t just about money. The foundations need to be in place to make sure your spending, saving and investing is on track, and aligns with your values. However, the knock on effect can be huge to wider areas of your life so that it feels rich and fulfilling. That’s why it’s so important to take the time to explore your values, and think about what you would like to add to your life now, to make it feel richer.

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