Philly Ponniah

Hi I’m Philly, and I know feeling good about money is life-changing. With 12 years in Wealth Management I’ve always worked alongside women to improve their financial knowledge and well-being. Once people get talking there is always instant relief at being able to share a worry and there are never any stupid questions.

I love helping women gain confidence and clarity around their money. I can help with the practical steps such as educating on saving, investing and clearing debt. The part I enjoy most is getting to the bottom of why we are the way we are around money. So much stems from how we have been brought up. Society continues to reinforce traditional ways that men are the ones who make and manage money. Through coaching I can help you create new narratives around money and get you feeling confident about money.

Common issues I have dealt with so far are:

I hear a lot of you are saying you need to get organised with money but think it’s too big a task to get going or feel you don’t have the time. You may have downloaded a budget tracker or you may have thought about starting saving but then something comes up and you don’t set any money aside. I understand that it can seem daunting, we aren’t taught about money at school and the language around saving and investing isn’t very accessible.

You might not know where to start or worry about what you will see when looking into your current situation. You shouldn’t feel bad about this, at least you are aware of it, and can now make a positive change. If this resonates with you, and you would like professional support going through everything then please book a discovery call and we can set up time to get you feeling sorted.

I’m based in North London, with my husband and 2 sons – dealing with 2 under 2 and a new business is keeping me busy and I’m loving it!