We all have a relationship with money and along with that often comes money beliefs that sabotage us building wealth or don’t serve us living the life we want to lead. 

Some common money beliefs I hear as a financial coach from 1:1 clients include:

I don’t deserve money

I’m terrible with money

I earn money but can’t hold on to it 

If you identify with one of these you are not alone, they are so common! We’ve either heard something in childhood or in society that lodges itself in our brain. However, our brains love finding new answers. If you turn these around, you can challenge yourself to find new solutions. 

For example: 

I am worthy and I deserve to have savings and be secure

I haven’t always been good with money but I can learn about money by…

When I earn money I can be purposeful with my spending by…

Begin by getting awareness of a money belief you have, reframe it using positive words and try and get your brain to find a new solution. 

Let me know if this resonates.

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