I’ve been to some wonderful in person events over the last week. It’s reminded me how great it is to get together and chat. I have noticed a bit of a pattern though, where people are running businesses that are helping or serving others. They are looking after clients, team members and family, only stopping to sort things out for themselves when there is some sort of deadline or they hit breaking point. We are often brought up to be caring, giving and helpful but when it comes at the cost of looking after ourselves, or our futures, it matters. This has got me asking, where do you come on the list?

It often translates that if you are putting yourself last in your day to day you may also be neglecting your finances. I spoke to one person last week who had only set up a pension once she started employing staff. Great that she now has set one up, but if you’re working solo, it’s not too early to start paying in to a pension, don’t wait until you are employing others. Every year of contributing counts and adds up.

If you don’t know where to start, speak to your accountant or a financial advisor

They will be able to advise you on how much you can set aside for your pension and help you with your income levels and tax.

Women tend to live longer and have pension pots that are on average half the size of men’s.

Please stop and take a moment for your money. It matters today and for retirement.

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